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Product: Pet dog hot dog clothes

Material: cotton + short plush

Color: As shown

Back size: small 20cm, medium 25cm, large 30cm

Chest size: small 40cm, medium 42cm, large 54cm


As winter approaches, people wear thick warm clothes.

However, although the dogs have furs to keep out the cold, they still feel cold.

Therefore, in order to keep dogs healthy, it is necessary for directors to buy warm clothes for their dogs.

This hot dog suit is perfect.

Its texture is cotton and short plush, not only warm, but also comfortable and soft, will make dogs fall in love with it.

At the same time, its shape is very interesting. It is a hot dog. When your dog wears it, it is like a sausage in a hot dog. It is also covered with mustard sauce on the back. It looks very interesting.

In addition, this hot dog suit is available in three sizes, large, medium and small, for most dogs.

If you love your dog, then buy this comfortable and warm hot dog suit!

Oh my God! There is really a dog in this hot dog!

Package Included:

1*Pet dog hot dog costume

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