250g Wall Mending Wall Repair Cream Paint Walls Gap Repair Paste

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Wall Repair Cream is a good helper to complete small repairs of the wall, no wall damage problem bothers you anymore. Just open the lid and create a quick-drying patch by simply squeezing and scraping it smooth on the wall. The white cream is integrated into the wall, so the repair trace is almost invisible, giving your wall a new look and professional effect.


1. Can be used to repair and fix different wall damages, such as cracked walls, peeled walls, wall flouring, wall graffiti, pinhole holes, nail holes and so on.

2. You can use a scraper for quick and easy scrape coating operation, labor saving and user friendly, just extrude the paste to the walls you want to fix or seal.

3. Contains quick-drying and safe ingredients to free you from time-waste waiting hassle and family health risks, providing you a reliable solution with a long-lasting performance and professional-looking results.


Cream Color: White

Construction Method: Scrape Coating

Net Content: 250g

Quantity: 1PC

Package Included:

1* 250g Wall Repair Cream With Scraper And Nozzle