A9 WIFI Mini Camera Home Secrety HD 1080P

Lilac Milo


Easy to use: 1. Download app; 2. Power on; 3. Wifi connection

1.HD camera: 150° wide-angle lens, HD video quality 1920 x 1080p, high-resolution live broadcast provide you clear pictures and more details when you leave home.
2. Excellent camera: Supports loop recording and recording and playback using a local micro SD card (up to 128G, not included). It has its own Wifi hotspot, it can also connect your phone without router Wifi.
3.Night Vision: 6  infrared LEDs without illumination, 5 meters of night vision distance, remotely turned on or off, no longer worry about night recording. It can also be used in shops, conference rooms, pets, babysitters.
4.Smart Motion Detection: The camera sends a message to your phone when motion is detected.
5.Easy to hide: with a single-piece case and rear panel with memory card slots; no indicators, no sound, no one will know that there is a camera in the room.
6.Application: You can put  cameras in your home, office, warehouse, store, garden corners, even on your pockets or collars, and use strong magnets that can be attached to any iron surface
Two Methods About Wifi Connection With Phone:
1. Wireless wifi connection with phone(by router) for remote control wherever you go
2. Camera has built-in Wifi hotspot, directly connect phone to the camera's inbuilt WiFi hotspot, can remotely control(within 10meters) even phone has no network.
Turn on wifi: 160MA or so (infrared light does not turn on)
Infrared light fully open 6 100ma
Infrared light is fully open, remote 260ma
Charging limit current 360ma, charging can be full for 1 hour. It is recommended to configure a charger of 1000ma or more.
Infrared illumination distance of 3.5 meters (infrared light 940 nm wavelength), 6 infrared lights angle of 60 °
Note: TF card supports plugging and unplugging when charging. To remove TF card, you need to turn off the camera first: recording, built-in card reader, infrared/night vision, outdoor/weatherproof, riot, wide angle
Installation method:
1. With stand: put the camera on the stand and stand firmly on the work surface
2. Built-in powerful magnet, just install it on metal legs, bicycles, backpacks, other absorbable places.
3. Adopt flexible gooseneck USB cable, which can be directly inserted into the PC usb port for power supply and angle adjustment during installation.
Camera net weight: 27g
Gross weight: 170g
Product size: 4.5*4.5*2.5cm
Packing size: 15*9*4cm
 Color: black/white (optional)
Packing list:
USB data cable* 1
Adjustable bracket USB charging cable*1
Disk *1,
Magnetic bracket *1,
Chinese and English manual *1