ANGEL'S HAIR Chili Threads

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These chili threads are called angels hair chilli because of the incredibly thin threads. They are also known as chili threads and Korean red pepper, The chillies are sun dried, and then carefully shredded. . These threads are approximately a half millimeter wide and about three inches long.

These chili threads come from the Yidu Chile, a dried red pepper named for the region in China where they are believed to be indigenous.

Extremely thin threads of angel hair chilli is perfect for adding to dishes or for decoration with a colorful garnish for soup, salad and egg dishes. They have a gorgeous fruity flavour, with virtually no heat at all, making them incredibly versatile. Light toasting on the pan increases the depth of flavor. 

✓ Organic

✓ Deep and fruity sun-dried chili flavor.

✓ No added flavour enhancers

✓ Rich in Vitamins and Minerals.  

County of origin: China

Angel's Hair Chili is available in 8 gr/ 0.28 oz glass jar.