APOSEN Handheld Wireless Vacuum Cleaner OLED Display

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【24000pa Super Suction】
Cordless vacuum maximum suction power is 1.8 times that of ordinary electric cordless vacuum cleaners. 
With a strong suction of 24000pa, a 250W high-performance digital motor can provide cordless cleaning performance, 
can be thoroughly cleaned within 30 minutes, and provides high performance on hardwood floors, carpets, walls, curtains and furniture.

【Large 2200mAh Battery】
High-power brushless motor and the 6 × 2200mAh lithium battery together provide a faster and easier way to vacuum the entire house and car, 
It ensures thorough cleaning of 160 square meters. Thanks to the battery cooling system, the stick vacuum can run continuously without the danger of high temperatures and can be safely used in homes and cars. 
The battery can be removed/replaced

【Twice the Traditional Filtration System】
Vacuum service life is twice that of the traditional filter system. Using latest high-density HEPA filter system is adopted, 
with high filter hole accuracy, which can remove up to 99.99% of 0.1-micron fine dust, which can provide each user with the ultimate purified air and excellent cleaning experience. 
Note: Regular cleaning of the filter/sponge will prevent weak suction and blockage

【Lightweight & Multifunctional & Wall Mount】
Lightweight stick vacuums can quickly become a handheld high vacuum cleaner. 
it can be used with various tools to clean the dust on stairs, cars and sofas. 
Because the body is retractable, it is user-friendly for most ages and can be eliminated no matter where you are. 
Wall-mounted installation helps you easily repair the product when needed

【Ordinary Vacuum Cleaner 2.5 Times】
An effective brush provides 2.5 times the power and 80% deep cleaning performance on carpets and hard floors than ordinary cordless vacuum cleaners. 
The LED light on the foot of the vacuum cleaner is very bright, which can help you see pet hair and other debris that is easily lost in the dark. 
Cleaning path width (inches): 9.3in.

Cleaning Suggestions: 
After each use of the machine, please empty the trash in the dust collection cup and clean HEPA and the black cylindrical sponge in time to ensure the machine has better suction power. 
Dirty cleaning can cause garbage to block the vents, As a result, suction is rapidly attenuated. Replace the sponge filter every two to three months.

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