JMP BS680AG Bond Safe Water Bonding Kit Skimmer Install

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  • First, drill a 3/16 inch hole in the rear of the skimmer casing where the skimmer basket is held
  • Locate the bonding plate as close to the bottom of the skimmer casing as possible allowing for enough room inside of the skimmer for the bonding plate
  • Place the rubber washer on the base of the threaded stud on the bonding plate
  • Push threaded stud through the 3/16 inch hole previously drilled
  • Secure with a flat washer, lock washer and nut in that order
  • Use the 2nd flat washer, 2nd lock washer and 2nd nut to secure the bonding lug
  • Last, connect solid copper wire, not smaller than no. 8 AWG, to the bonding lug
  • The copper wire should also connect to motor and all metal parts of the swimming pool within 5 ft. of the inside wall of the swimming pool