1PCS Foldable convex rearview mirror for bicycle

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 Made with top-quality and durable materials, this bicycle rear view mirror will withstand any challenge. The PC bracket has a reinforced design, meant to resist to deformities or breakage. Also, the frame is durable and made to resist to impacts

This outstanding bicycle mirror is super practical and offers you a clear view, so you are covered all the time. The base allows a 360˚ rotation, so you can adjust the mirror with ease on every type of bicycle.

Our bike side mirror comes with a professional mirror glass that offers you a super clear view. Made with convex acrylic, the mirror is also very durable and ensures a clear vision of the scenes behind you.

The handlebar has the perfect size which allows the bicycle mirror to be attached to every type of bike. You can attach it to scooters, city bikes, mountain bikes, and so on.Fits inside handlebar within 17.4mm ~ 22mm (inside diameter).

Easy to install:You can place the bicycle rear view mirror on both the left and right sides. For installation,Use a 5mm hex wrench to secure the screw to the bicycle handlebar, and then tighten it to ensure a secure closure.


Weight: 100g

Accessories: expansion screw & installation wrench

Material:Nylon plastic, stainless steel,mirror

Installation tutorial (only one hex wrench is required)

1. Fix the expansion screw

2. Tighten it with a wrench

3. Insert the expansion plug into the handlebar hole

4. Turn the screw to make the expansion plug tightly

5. Installation is complete

6. The angle position can be adjusted arbitrarily

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