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The Post Pregnancy Belly Wrap in Black is designed specifically for women to use in after birth recovery. Providing support and correcting the posture, the band supports the uterus, abdomen, pelvis, back and spine by providing compression on the core that holds the muscles and skin back in place after pregnancy. The wrap will instantly improve posture and slim the whole midsection. The double strap closure assists the uterus in returning to its original position after birth and reduces abdominal muscle separation. This is an ideal option for those looking for a core trainer that is gentle on the body after pregnancy yet provides support and strength to assist in post natal recovery. Specialists recommend wearing a belly wrap after pregnancy to improve post birth recovery and as a non invasive post birth recovery option that is gentle on the body.

  • Ideal for use straight after birth post pregnancy
  • Helps with uterus and pelvic floor recovery after birth
  • Provides back support in postpartum recovery
  • Latex free waist trainer
  • Assists in recovery from abdominal muscle separation
  • Soft and comfortable yet strong enough to provide support
  • Provides back support and corrects posture
  • Velcro wrap double wrap closure with adjustable sizing
  • Safe to use after pregnancy
  • FDA approved
  • Midsection control – slims the post- baby stomach
  • Shrinks uterus and post birth bloating
  • Flattens any scarring post operation
  • Provides support to the back, abdomen, uterus and stomach reducing pain
  • Increases recovery time

How to wear:

#1 Wear the wrap for a minimum of 6-8 hours per day

#2 The belly wrap features a double wrap closure to ensure enough support on the abdomen without being overly restrictive.The main wrap is fastened at the front of the body held by the velcro which should be overlapped. It should be worn lower on the hips than a traditional waist trainer, sitting above the hips area on your lower belly.

#3 The two belts at the side of the wrap, fasten at the front of the body over the top of main belt section.

#4 These need to be pulled tightly to provide extra support for this area