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Royal Blue | Enhanced Graduated Compression Technology is designed to provide optimal relief for a variety of arm ailments through advanced graduated compression levels. The compression level at the bicep is moderate (20mmHG) and moderate/strong (30mmHG) at the wrist.

Unlike most sports compression sleeves design from light material providing one consistent level of compression support throughout the arm.

The Enhanced Graduated Compression Arm Sleeve is designed utilizing tighter and stronger compression that is made with a mix of Nylon and Lycra.

Not only is the Enhanced Graduated Compression Arm Sleeve heavier, thicker, stronger yet breathable. It is manufactured with a new-age technology process which produces a variety of compression levels throughout the sleeve, designed particularly to increase and maximize blood circulation throughout the arms and extremities by pushing blood, against gravity back to the heart at an optimized rate due to the 20-30mmHG graduated compression level.