Gold's Gym Total-Body Resistance Band Training Home Gym & Workout DVD

4 Resistance Bands

  • Adjustable resistance allows you to control the intensity of your workout
  • Develop muscles across your entire body

2 Padded Foam Handles

  • Exercise while maintaining your comfort

2 Ankle Straps

  • Target your lower body
  • Address common problem areas, like glutes and thighs

Attaches to Most Standard Doors

  • Conveniently attach your resistance band home gym to almost any door and use it as an anchor point

Workout DVD Included

  • Follow along as a trainer guides you through a challenging and fulfilling workout

Exercise Chart Included

  • Maximize your training with a chart designed by a certified personal trainer
  • Enjoy multiple strengthening exercises
  • Ensure proper form and execution with each movement

Easy to Install

Model #: WGGDG12