Kingston HyperX DDR4 4G 8G 2133MHz 2400MHz 2666mhz 8GB 16GB

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Item Condition: Used
Combination Form: Single
Type: DDR4
Function: NON-ECC
Package: Yes
Cooling Fin: Yes
Memory Voltage: 1.2V
Interface Type: 288pin
Memory Frequency: 2666 MHz
Application: Desktop
Model Number: Kingston DDR4 4G 2666
The value of CL: 16
Sequence: 11-11-11-28
Warranty Time: one year
Frequency: 2133/2400/2666MHz
4GB 2133MHz: KS1x4G 2133HY-BOX
4GB 2400MHz: KS1x4G 2400HY-BOX
8GB 2133MHz: KS1x8G 2133HY-BOX
8GB 2400MHz: KS1x8G 2400HY-BOX
8GB 2666MHz: KS1x8G 2666HY-BOX
16GB 2133MHz: KS1x16G 2133HY-BOX
16GB 2400MHz: KS1x16G 2400HY-BOX
16GB 2666MHz: KS1x16G 2666HY-BOX
2PCSX 4GB 2133MHz: KS2x4G 2133HY-BOX
2PCSX 4GB 2400MHz: KS2x4G 2400HY-BOX
2PCSX 8GB 2133MHz: KS2x8G 2133HY-BOX
2PCSX 8GB 2400MHz: KS2x8G 2400HY-BOX
2PCSX 8GB 2666MHz: KS2x8G 2666HY-BOX
2PCSX 16GB 2133MHz: KS2x16G 2133HY-BOX
2PCSX 16GB 2400MHz: KS2x16G 2400HY-BOX
2PCSX 16GB 2666MHz: KS2x16G 2666HY-BOX
4PCSX 8GB 2133MHz: KS4x8G 2133HY-BOX
4PCSX 8GB 2400MHz: KS4x8G 2400HY-BOX
4PCSX 8GB 2666MHz: KS4x8G 2666HY-BOX
4PCSX 16GB 2133MHz: KS4x16G 2133HY-BOX
4PCSX 16GB 2400MHz: KS4x16G 2400HY-BOX
4PCSX 16GB 2666MHz: KS4x16G 2666HY-BOX
4GB 2666MHz: KS1x4G 2666HY-BOX
2X4GB 2666MHz: KS2x4G 2666HY-BOX

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