Mom and Cub Fox Shower Curtain

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120cm*180cm + 60cm*40cm Set
120cm*180cm + 80cm*50cm Set
120cm*180cm Shower Curtain Only
136cm*180cm + 60cm*40cm Set
136cm*180cm + 80cm*50cm Set
136cm*180cm Shower Curtain Only
136cm*200cm + 60cm*40cm Set
136cm*200cm + 80cm*50cm Set
136cm*200cm Shower Curtain Only
150cm*180cm + 60cm*40cm Set
150cm*180cm + 80cm*50cm Set
150cm*180cm Shower Curtain Only
165cm*180cm + 60cm*40cm Set
165cm*180cm + 80cm*50cm Set
165cm*180cm Shower Curtain Only
180cm*180cm + 60cm*40cm Set
180cm*180cm + 80cm*50cm Set
180cm*180cm Shower Curtain Only
180cm(W)*200cm(L) + 60cm*40cm Set
180cm(W)*200cm(L) + 80cm*50cm Set
180cm(W)*200cm(L) Shower Curtain Only
200cm(W)*180cm(L) + 60cm*40cm Set
200cm(W)*180cm(L) + 80cm*50cm Set
200cm(W)*180cm(L) Shower Curtain Only
60cm*40cm Bath Mat Only
80cm*50cm Bath Mat Only
90cm*180cm + 60cm*40cm Set
90cm*180cm + 80cm*50cm Set
90cm*180cm Shower Curtain Only


A fabric shower curtain made of quality polyester fabric, with a unique, vivid print, so the color never fades. Our wide range of designs will help you decorate your bathroom in minimal effort with a theme that fits your particular preferences.

  • Made of a sealed fabric for your own privacy.
  • Made of water-resistant material that prevents mold and mildew.
  • Quick-drying fabric. No liner is needed.
  • Easy to wash, machine-wash cold.
  • Packed with plastic C-shaped shower curtain hooks.
  • Buttonholes are made of Stainless metal for better grip.
  • The bath mat is made of soft flannel fabric.

Each shower curtains design can be print on a bath mat. You may either purchase curtain only, bath mat only or shower curtain and bath mat set.

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